Boning Hall Butcher

Vacancy Details

This is an Apprenticeship vacancy

Employer Name:

Randall Parker Foods, Llanidloes

Type of vacancy:

Foundation Apprenticeship



Closing Date:


Vacancy ID:



A progressive pay rate, commencing at £4 per hour for the first three month probationary period, £4.50 thereafter and a further increase to £5 after six months employment.

Hours of Work:

40 Hours per week

Start Date:


Careers Wales Admin Ref:

Not specified

Vacancy Description

Catering and Hospitality
Maintaining speed and efficiency in accordance with product workflow, ensuring you;
* Operate with due care and attention to all health, hygiene and safety standards, maintaining sufficient knowledge and compliance of such;
* Operate with due diligence with regard to knives and all operative equipment, making full and effective use of PPE provided;
* Handle product with due care and attention to maintain product quality and minimize damage and rejections;
* Ensuring product meets customer specification as required.
* Liaising efficiently and effectively with the supervisory and management staff as well as team members to ensure the department operates in accordance with production levels and demands;
* Any other duties required by the post.

Training provided

On the Job training to be provided through an apprenticeship programme.

Preferred Learning Provider


Learning Provider Course

Meat and Poultry Industry Skills Edexcel Level 2 Certificate For Proficiency (Pearson) 60011099

Desirable personal qualities

A person of calm and logical approach with an eye for detail Able to work diligently and efficiently Communication skills with staff at all levels

Qualification(s) Required

No Minimum Requirements

Welsh Language Requirements

Welsh Spoken Skills: No.
Welsh Written Skills: No.

Interview arrangements

To be made directly with the employer
This vacancy has been placed by the employer in the language of their choice. This means that the vacancy might only appear in Welsh or English.